Dr. Dolgobinda Shastri


My dear friends,

            There is a “World Library Congress” in Washington, U.S.A. There you will find all books with their number of editions so far published throughout the world. Of course if only serial number is considered, Bible heads the list. But Bible receives the patronage of all  European states and Christian Missionary Societies. They publish crores of Bibles and freely distribute among the people of the whole world. Converted Christians are supplied with a copy of Bible at once without cost. But Gita sells on it own merit. There is not a single state or society or publishing organization in the whole world, who distribute without cost. Still then Gita stands as the second largest edited book or to speak the truth, Gita leads the list on its own merit. Now let me quote opinion of some world famous Indian and  foreign  scholars regarding the unique position and necessity of Gita towards the social and spiritual development of mankind living on the surface of the earth.

Sir William Durant of U.S.A. says in praise of Gita, as follows: -

“The main cause of loosing independence of India and coming under the rule of Mughals and Europeans for centuries is Indians have forgotten Gita.”

Dr. D. N. Chakravarty of West Bengal, a member Judge of Noble Prize Award committee, expresses the unanimous opinion of all member Judges’ as follows: -

“We observe that an universally popular literature as Gita is rarely seen. If we search for a real popular literature in the world that will be only Srimad Bhagbad Gita”.

Carlyle of America and Emerson of England, both world famous for their erudite scholarship, exchanged Gita, as a mark of divine tie and friendship between them.

Sir Albert Einstein, the world famous scientist of the last century says  that he has discovered some mystery of the universe, but to get into the mystery of Gita, he aspires to born in India in next life.

Miss Anne Bessant was so much impressed reading Gita that she left her own country and came to India. She wrote a book on Gita which has been widely appreciated in India and abroad.

Dag Hammarskjoeld, the former Secretary General of U.N.O writes,- “The aim and object of our organization is mainly based on Gita’s Karmayoga.” Sage Aurobindo writes- “Bande Mataram Mantra, teaching of Srimad Bhagabad Gita and the speeches of Swami Vivekananda are the sources of our inspiration.”

Mahatma Gandhi writes- “In my life, I have two mothers--one is my mother who gave me birth and Gitamata. My mother may pass away one day, but Gitamata will remain with me for ever.”

During the British rule, Mandalay jail in Burma (present Myanmar ) was the worst jail. Any prisoner sent to that jail would die of T.B. disease. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was sent to that jail by the British government during our freedom movement. Once Netaji wrote a letter to his mother which goes as - “Karabas at Mandalay jail is my Tirthabas, because Tilakji had written a commentary on Gita.”

All religious scriptures of India have been written or spoken by sages, prophets, etc., where as Gita is the spoken words of Lord Krishna himself. The Lord Almighty shows the path himself to reach his divine abode  in his own words. This is the specialty of Gita. Bhagbata gita is  sung by Bhagaban i.e. Bhagabad Gita.

Before concluding this, I request my young friends to make a daily habit to read one chapter of Gita. You may not understand the meaning, but that does not matter. A day will come, when a word of Gita may shape your life-style as a perfect man, a true patriot and an asset to your family, society and nation.