Dr. Dolgobinda Shastri


   The word Dharma is not only a word of any religious sect or cult. Dharma is the intrinsic quality or property of a matter without which it becomes useless.  Ether, air, fire, water and earth are the five main constituents which are the root material cause of all the visible products in the universe, whether animate or inanimate. All these primordial matters singularly or collectively create, preserve and demolish by aiding or sacrificing their inherent qualities impartially for all objects without discrimination. The sun and moon shine, wind blows, water flows. They never differentiate or discriminate and reach everywhere, every hook  and corner of the earth. This is real essence of secular spirit. They teach us to serve everywhere. They do not bother whether the object is worthy or not, and serve considering it as  their Dharma.

Another meaning of Dharma is Satyam- the truth. ‘Sat’ means which is ever present or omnipresent and remains unchanged for ever or all time to come. It exists on its own everlasting self, independent of every object and is ‘Nirapeksa’. The word ‘Nirapeksa’ means which never waits  for any thing other   than its own self. Hence Satya or Truth is always, at all times, exists without help or aid of any thing else.

Dharma, thus,  means duty, which  is God. Dharma brings holy religious practice, piety, good nature, noble character and equal  justice. ‘Dharma Nirapeksa’ never means that one will be void of the above truth or virtue.

The word Dharma in Hindu Vedic- Upanishad concept is not communal or non-secular. The Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagabat Gita, Ramayan, the Purans and  Brahmasutra etc. are not communal scriptures. These scriptures existed, read and  practiced at a period, long long ago, before Bible and Koran. At that time there was no  Islam, Judaism, Christianity or Buddhism   and the words like Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Jew were totally unknown. This means those ancient  Bharatiya scriptures were the valuable treasures of the mankind at large. Those are equally the treasures of the present day human race on the earth regardless  Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. This sort of impartiality is the actual connotation of secularism.  No  body or organization should be partial in treating the citizens of the state irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion, language etc.

In the Vedic concept Ahimsa (non-violence) is the supreme Dharma:-  “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma”. Cruelty to any living object, whether man, animal or tree and even to a small herb  is Himsa.Our sovereign mother land Bharat -Varsa, became free from    the  few centuries temporary foreign rule in 1947.  Our new rulers inserted the word secular or Dharma-Nirapeksa  in our constitution.  But unfortunately  it has proved as Dharma-Chhada i.e. irreligious, prostate, hypocrite or simply mocking at religion. And, actually the  leaders of political parties have dragged us to throw away Dharma from our domestic social and political life. But the real connotation of Secularism must be “a pure spiritual respect, reverence to all spiritual pursuit without making any partiality”.

For a Hindu, the real spirit of secular or impartial view as directed by Srimad Bhagavatam- “Shradhdha Bhagavate Shastre Anyatra Aninda Chapihi” i.e. one should have faith in his own religious scripture but should never bear any disrespect to others religious faith or scriptures.

Valmiki and Veda Vyasa are the first two most ancient seers or sages among the human race on the earth. These two were not mythological or concocted persons of poetry, novels or mythological stories. So also their best creations- the most ancient and world famous epics –The Ramayana and The Mahabharata are treated as Itihas or history of the ancient period.  Apart from Bharat Varsa, Lord Ram and the  Ramayan, and Lord Krishna and the   Mahabharat   have been, from time immoral, a part and parcel of civilization, culture, philosophy, literature, social costums, rituals and the very life style of various countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand,  Fiji, Myanmar, Singapore, Mauritius, Maldives, etc. So, it is fully stupidity to call Lord Ram  as an algological figure.

 Lakhs of places of pilgrimage  associated with the life and activities of Ram and Krishna still stand as visible witness of the existence of them as living persons in human form. So many historical records, scriptures, inscriptions etc are found in various museums in  Bharat-Varsa and outside testify the physical existence of Ram and Krishna. Ram’s son Kusa was the founder of the ancient city of Mathura.

 The Supreme Court of India, some years back, passed the verdict that Ram and Krishna were constitutional heads of ancient India. But, the recent affidavit about the ‘Ram-Setu’ in the Supreme Court by our parties in power is a concrete proof of the  necked partiality.It is strange, that our stalwarts of the ruling parties in power, who advocate secularism every now and then, never bother to utter any thing disgracing Hindu Gods. But, they have no guts to utter a single word regarding Mohammad or Jesus Christ, and they are bold enough to pass bills in the parliament to ignore the verdict of the Supreme Court. No archaeologist, however novice he might be, cannot subscribe to exhibit such an ignorance to write in the text of the affidavit  submitted in the Supreme Court. It is simply the product of immature childish brain behind it. God save us from being ruled by such immature brains. Enough of it.  Let the veterans of all political parties think over twice while giving passive support to such immature ignorance.

Gandhiji-the father of our nation brought independence of our motherland shedding every drop of his blood. Will you let our children to forget  Gandhiji?  Was Bapu an old fool  reciting  daily Ramayan and Geeta and worshipping Ram and  Krishna  as the supreme beings? Were the great Indian saints and patriots beginning from  Sankaracharya, Ramanuja, Sri Chaitanya; down to Gandhi, Rabindranath, Ramakrishna, Aurobindo, Vivekananda etc all  also old fools to take Ram and Krishna as Gods. The strong reply is ‘No’. We, the most educated and advanced but ungrateful Indians have  now crossed all limits by announcing that Ram and Ramayana have no historical existence.