Love is the most beautiful thing on this earth. It is the most precious gift of the God-All Mighty to mankind.  Love is the very root of solution to all the problems of this material world. Round the world every individual is hungry for love, even animals, birds, trees thrive upon the love received. Man irrespective of his race, creed belief, language, nationality seeks love at every moment.

 Love is diviner where all walls of selfishness and varieties fall of. It  is an ability, capacity in our minds which is to be systematically cultivated. A fertile field is required to cultivate love. To know what love is, first you discover yourself and love your self and love the universe.

A loving look, loving word can change the lives of less fortunate and yours own. It is not what you gain but what you are able to give. If you are able to give happiness to a soul, even for a moment, it makes your life blessed. Love removes all fear, it transforms all ugliness into beauty. Love is the spring of life. When love awakens in a person, the divinity in him also awakens for love is God; it is the manifestation of divine.

The Bhakti tradition of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Guru Nanak  inspires to love God and to love fellow human beings. This love that comes to us is the smile of the God. Sage Narad says “Only who knows self  goes beyond sorrow. By knowing the self the unseen becomes seen, the unknown becomes known and all doubts are destroyed. But love for an object slowly sails us into a life of tension and anxieties, sorrows and excitement.”

The Upanishad and Geeta and all other scriptures of the world indicate in their silent suggestion about  Prem-Bhakti (divine love) and they establish the fact that the Prem-Bhakti can free us from all our sense of separateness. When the Prem-Bhakti awakens, the ego disappears. The human being realizes the oneness with each other and the whole creation. Divine love is knowledge, liberation and bliss. When one becomes filled with that divine love he is able to feel God in everything.

To a Prem Bhakta (divine lover) everything in the universe is sacred and  divine. He is  active and his love is dynamic. He does not wait to be loved by others. The Prem-Bhakti has been glorified by many saints and great men.   So we all must learn to love, realize that love is the beginning and God is the end. God invokes His grace on us all. He can help us to grow into enlightened citizen of a Golden Age of Tomorrow